Our Philosophy | 2250 Financial Services

Plan with Integrity

The name "2250" comes from John's Dad's birthday. John's father, John, lived his life with integrity and to serve his family; the company name is a daily reminder of those values.

Integrity is the only thing in this world that can't be taken from us. We have to give it away voluntarily. That is why John has chosen to highlight this in the logo and across 2250 Financial Services. John and his team hold themselves to the highest standards of integrity, personally and professionally.


Submarine Dolphins


The profession of financial planning is all about service. John started his career as a submarine officer in the Navy, serving an ideal larger than himself. He is very proud of his time in the Navy and continues to serve the community through financial planning.




Every advisor should have a driver, something that keeps them on target to the goal of helping families. For John, that is faith. He strives to start every day with prayer to ground his day.

Our "Why?"

Field - Family walk


Financial planning has personally affected John and his family and helped them through some personal difficulties. He was able to focus on his family during hard times and not the checkbook. He hopes that through his profession, he can give other families that ability to focus on family throughout their life.